Sunday, 6 December 2015

This is my track. 
My garden square. 
I was running slowly. 
Found my music! 
Love the music and the combination of the rythm and the slow run cleared my head from stress.
I did a full hour.
Please God, may I get addicted to this-:)
Was visiualizing the marathon run and crowds and crossing the finishing line.
I so want this to happen.
Observation: right knee definetly still weaker and was acting out for the first 15 min. 

Bit of pain. Later was better.
But I need to do more weight lifting and using the push scooter - pushing myself away only with the right leg.

I am attaching the official fund raising website of The Virgin Marathon 2016!
Please give generously or if you cannot - share it with those who can support me.

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