Monday, 30 November 2015

Met Matt

It was 07:30am in the morning and I was filling out the forms handed over to me at the Sports Clinic, when I heard this voice say: 'Hi Magdalena!'. 
I looked up and the only thing I saw was 'the muscles' and the only thing that I could say was: 'Oh god!'
That was my introduction to Matt, my marathon trainer. 
My first hour with him?
In one hour he packed: cycling, stretching, yoga, pilates, weight lifting and more cycling and more stretching. 
When I got up from the floor, there was a puddle of sweat left behind.
I looked in horror. Matt said: 'Don't worry, I'll take care of it'. 
For the next two days everything hurt, except the eyelashes. I could not walk up and down the stairs!

Friends were taking the mickey out of me, saying that for my next session he will bring an eyelash curler and take care of those as well!
I would not be surprised..... 
Matt was given a nickname - Bruce Lee Karate King. 
He has his body and an angelic smile. 
And is vicious with the training. No nonsense guy. 
 Second session was less painful and better, just as Matt predicted. I seemed to be doing the same exercises at much bigger speed. 
While flat on the floor, I asked him about what time he thinks I can finish running the marathon in.
His answer: 5,5 hours.
I thought that was a joke!
He thinks I am capable.... 
 My right leg is still 10% weaker than the left one. 
I had my ACL reconstruction in 2012 and the power walking marathon, this year in Spring, weakened it as well. 
Matt is working on my strength right now. 
No running. Just muscle tone.
He needs to turn me into Michelin woman before I start running.  
And.... I will supposedly run the marathon on my mental strength and muscle tone and endurance. Actually looking forward such an accomplishment. 
The more I think about it, the more this challenge is pulling me in. 
Third session with Matt, on Tuesday.

I am attaching the official fund raising website of The Virgin Marathon 2016!
Please give generously or if you cannot - share it with those who can support me.

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