Sunday, 8 November 2015

Tell us your story.
Why I decided to put my name in for this challenege?
- I have been dreaming of running the London Marathon for the past 10 years and it still is on my Bucket List,
- I power walked the Moonwalk London Marathon 2015, raising money for breast cancer,
absolutely loved the challenge and being able to make a small difference,
- I have been following, in the media, the problems ravaging the UK penal system and got
interested in the cause,
- I joined the Howard League a year ago and this is my second year as it's Member,
- I strongly believe in helping everyone, even the ones most abhored and forgotten by
- I decided to put my name forth, for the London Marathon 2016, representing the Howard League and my application has been successful and I am being welcomed to the start-line on Sunday 24 April 2016 Coração brilhando
I am surprised and humbled to have been chosen as this is THE ONLY ONE PLACE for the Howard League in the London Marathon 2016!
It will be a precious challenge and I am going to put my heart Coração brilhando️ , soul and body to the task for the next 6 months!
Please follow me on 'magdalenalondonmarathon2016' blog, edited by my Brasilian friend, Jaki, and I hope that together with God's and all your help, I will be able to raise good money for the Howard League.

I am attaching the official fund raising website of The Virgin Marathon 2016!
Please give generously or if you cannot - share it with those who can support me.

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